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    First, it is very important for you to know about the Energy Transmission or Shaktipath.

    Energy Transmission or Shaktipath

    The word ‘Shaktipath’ itself says ‘The Shakti Path’ which means ‘The Path Of Power’. When Shaktipath is given, Cosmic Energy is transmitted from one person to another person. In fact, it is only the person who is overflowed with this Energy who can transmit it. He or she must be permanently without any thought or emotion, then only this transmission can be of greater intensity to bring spontaneous inner transformation to the other person.

    ‘Shaktipath’ in another word is what you call ‘Blessings’ and this is because it purifies you and transforms you into a blissful and peaceful being. Here, it depends upon the one who is receiving it because if at that precise moment, he is not ready yet, then the Energy will enter him but the quantity will be very less and the intensity also will be low. Not to be ready means that if at that precise moment that person is busy with his own thoughts or if he has never practice meditation before.

    To receive Shaktipath, one has to be receptive and empty, then only Cosmic Energy will do its work as it should be. Be silent within and let It purify you.

    Energy Transmission for me is like birth and death because when I give Shaktipath to the seekers, my physical body experiences both birth and death in a fraction of seconds. I give whole of me to that seeker and then I am born again. At that specific moment, there is no physical body, only this Energy is present and that also with great intensity which can trigger a great transformation for the true seeker spontaneously.

    So, last week I gave ‘Shaktipath’ to the seekers who are under my guidance in order to prepare them for Sunday next. On Sunday, I gave Shaktipath for the second time and it was with more greater intensity than before because in it many inner transformations would take place such as increase in Awareness level, increase in intuition level, dissolving blockages, healing, decreasing pain in the body, decreasing thoughts and emotions, increasing the inner strength level, and more.

    The Effect After The Energy Transmission

    So, after both Shaktipath, here are some of the experiences which the seekers have related to me and I want to share them with you today in order that you know that it is not impossible to be Aware. Everyone can be totally Aware just you have to practice it regularly.

    DEEPAK from Mumbai

    Last week, when I sat for meditation. I was not able to  steady myself. Some kind of thoughts kept distracting and making me get attached to it. There was this struggle going inside to not get identify with the thoughts. All of a sudden I started experiencing a strong flow of energy from the top and everything just subsided. It happens all of a sudden. For a moment I was taken aback as to what is happening, then I just let it flow and basked in that energy flow. I do not know how long it continued, thereafter it was just calmness. On Sunday, I was experiencing continuous flow of energy through out the day.

    TANYA from Mauritius

    During energy transmission, I felt my Third Eye vibrating  a lot and it was pulling me within taking me into deep silence. Afterwards, I felt so light that when I was walking I could not feel my feet touching the floor.

    CHANDRA PRAKASH from Roorkee. India

    Initially I meditated on you for sometime and felt sensations in the entire body but could not continue sitting for long, therefore laid down opening myself to absorb your divine energy. My whole body seemed to be immersed in your divine energy. Felt as if you are the manifestation of Ma Durga and showering your blessings upon me.

    LEENA from Mauritius

    Hi Ma,

    That Tuesday night, when you told us to be connected with you for blessings, since that afternoon I was feeling very heavy at the head and whole body. When that night I sat down and concentrated at the head, I felt energy with greater intensity than usually at blessings time during sessions. At the head I felt like something like a hole was digging and it is still sensitive at that point Ma. I remained in this state of energy pool for mostly 15 – 20 minutes. Then though after coming out of it, I remained for the next 2 days with it, the heaviness and energy pool. But on Sunday when Ma again gave us Shaktipat  and we sat to meditate on, then I felt at that moment that the intensity was greater than that during the week. Ma, I really do not have words to explain how I am till now. I am just living with it. Just at the head I am feeling a circle with energy knots knitted like.  I cannot explain.

    PREM from Kathmandu, Nepal

    I started around 6 in the morning and sat for 1 hour. I got easily pulled inside and started to feel my head heavy. I enjoyed the heaviness. After having breakfast i again meditated because the pull was strong and throughout the day till evening I had many sessions. It happened after two years because I did not properly meditated for these years because of my obligation towards wife and especially son. And the rhythm continues even now and I feel meditating throughout day and night. I do not want to stop it. It has become very easy to sit quietly after Sunday’s session. I know its U who made this possible and I am really thankful for this.

    RAJEN from Mauritius

    Hi MA,

    I had received lots of energy for the first time like this, more than before, feeling in a different strength and powerful energy with me during the last days, empty mind and enjoying these moments in every way, Thanks to You MA for your blessings.

    PALLAVI from Pune, India

    Ma, on Sunday it was really a different experience comparing my previous experiences. I was feeling something different, for example, the environment around me. It is just like as if I am surrounded with something. All was happening on its own. I automatically was living in the present. When I sat for meditation, I felt like I was loaded with energy. I could not sit for more time and awareness has increased to a great extent. I also felt the strong flow of light from top of my head and it was so intense than previous. I am still feeling so peaceful inside and thoughts have reduced more. I am so much thankful Ma for this energy transmission.

    DEVIKA from Mauritius

    Hi Ma, I am so lucky to be one of those who receive Shaktipath and I had a great experience. After the energy transmission, I had severe head pain as if it would explode but was feeling full of energy. The next morning, I was a different person, without any emotion and very few thoughts. I am in that state till now, feeling so good and want to stay for long. Thank you very much Ma.

    MITJA from Slovenia

    For the preparation, I sat at the pool on the chair. I closed my eyes and relaxed allowing sounds to come to me. I became present and then I concentrated on my 7th chakra on the top of my head. There were thoughts coming, but I didn’t give them attention. My focus was on the 7th crown chakra and tingling. During this meditation in one moment I felt energy going through my head and through my body to the feet.

    On Sunday, I went to a place where I could get more silence then on the preparation day, I relaxed with first listening and allowing sounds to come to me. Then I went within and focused on my chakras one by one to feel energy flowing. Once again I put my awareness outside to sounds and then I was relaxed, I concentrated on my 7th chakra. Sometimes I felt like my body was flowing for some moments. When I finished with meditation, I felt heaviness in my head. It was similar to headache, but different. It was more like something was pressuring inside my head to one point. Second day after, I felt this heaviness again but not so strong and on occasions I felt tingling on the top of my head and pressure on the third eye, 6th chakra. I felt lots of gratitude and love towards Ma (I still do and this will never end) for her help and love for us.

    VANISHA from Mauritius

    Dear Maa,

    Following the energy transmission of last week, here is my experience.

    I already felt something heavy on my head before you give Shaktipath. During Shaktipath , I well received an extra dose of energy which made my heart beat faster than usual and I could feel as if my heart was out of my body. My heart beat slowly came to normal but the heaviness on my head stayed there for 2 days.

    The next energy transmission which was given to us on Sunday was different to a great extent. You told us that you never gave such energy before. My experience during that moment was new also as I never push back energy which needed a lot of inner force. I was tired after few seconds. However the void and peace I found inside myself after the transmission of energy was unique . I am still in that state, very calm towards many difficulties which I am encountering for the moment. Today its my mind who is running away from thoughts. Whenever I start thinking, awareness breaks that immediately. In fact I want to leave everything I am doing now , stay quiet , away from the daily routine. But I can’t as I need to work and learn for my exams next week.

    Thank you for making us experiencing such things.

     SUNIL from Ahmedabad

    It’s always hard to put experience in words , but when Ma gave Shaktipath, I felt my body was shaken…it was due to energy from the source itself…and I always feel energy on head more …May be pushing upwards….Pranam MA.

    ANTISH from Mauritius

    When I absorbed during the energy transmission on that day, my mind was blank. I felt energy on my head and felt blissful. I also felt that my concentration level had increased a lot.

    NANDA from Mauritius

    After the energy transmission, I felt as if something was pulling me within. I could not feel my physical body at all. It was as if I was going to die because it was such a different experience which I had never had before. It continued in a slow motion and I was totally blank from thoughts and emotions. I was still going deeper within taking me in total silence. The problem with me was that as it was the first time I had this experience, I was scared and thus, I was back in my physical body again. It was later that I realized what mistake I made. I was going in a such blissful and peaceful state and I was the one who created that obstacle of not going further.

    SIMLA from Mauritius

    Hi Ma, the Shaktipath that you sent me at distant was very strong indeed. I felt strong energy at the back of my head, my head was heavy and I went into deep silence within myself. I really wanted to be into a meditative state for longer hours. The Shaktipath that you initiated me on Sunday, I felt the expansion of my heart, my spinal cord was bending backward, so full of energy, and my forehead was heavy every time when I meditate. I want to remain in meditation for longer hours. Thank you Ma for always being with me.

    VINAY from Mauritius

    At first, I was feeling something turning round and round in my head. It was as if my head was going to explode. Then, I was found in a great ball of light. After that I felt emptiness and full of energy.

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