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    Is Divorce The Best Solution

    Hello Ma,

    In a couple, there is always argument. They have only one child. Nothing could be done to make them reason, no compromise also as both have got character.

    What can be done here to save their marriage?

    Divorce is not the best solution because the child will suffer.

    One more question Ma.

    Someone who is already divorced is there a repercussion behind this?

    Will this create a big karma later?

    – Simla

    Answer To ‘Is Divorce The Best Solution?’

    Dear Simla,

    As you said, divorce is not the best solution. Even I agree with you but there are some points to be noted in this. Definitely, if the parents got divorced, then the child will suffer.

    The main problem here that we have to consider too is that if both husband and wife can’t cope with each other, then also the child is suffering. The child is there present when his or her parents are fighting. Sometimes, there are even violence in front of children. So, as you can see, whether the couple gets divorced or not, the child will be the one who is continuously suffering.

    Due to that, children are traumatized and go into depression. This way, they are not able to concentrate in their studies and they go on creating hatred for their parents. They don’t feel secure even in their own home. They become violent too. They grow up with lots of negative thoughts and emotions. They start reasoning same as their parents. They even beat their parents too.

    So, is this the way that a couple should raise up their children?

    This is why, one should never get married when one is immature. First, that person will not be able to take his or her own responsibility then how will he or she be able to take the responsibility of a child?

    One thing, we have to understand well is that a child’s innocence is still there. But if in that innocence, the parents go on adding so much burden, then it will affect the child physically, mentally and emotionally.

    Many couples are searching for the right answer to this question: Is divorce the best solution?

    Know that the best solution is not divorce. The best solution is that couples should work on their understanding level. Here, understanding doesn’t mean that if the other are giving wrong suggestions, you have to accept them. What I mean here is that couples should grow up mentally and emotionally too. Stop being childish. You have children to take care of. Behave with maturity. They should see to it that every action of theirs are the right ones. If they really love their children, they should know how to behave in front of them. They should see to it that their children are happy and peaceful.

    One thing, these couples don’t realize is that if something happens to their children, who will be the ones who are going to be responsible for that?

    As I said always, the solution to a problem is found in the source of the problem. The couples should find out what is the source of their problems. If they are concerned about their children and in maintaining their life together, then they should get the solution there only. But people are so busy mentally and physically that they don’t have space and time to tackle a problem wisely.

    The main reason in a couple is doubt. There are so many unnecessary doubts going on which create so many scenes at home and that also in front of children. This means that these people have grown up only physically but as far as mentally and emotionally are concerned, they are not mature yet.

    Maturity does not come from having a certain age, a good professional background, a lot of material things. Maturity is gained when the mind is peaceful in any situations and this can happen only when one practices Awareness. But people will say that they don’t have time to practice Awareness and yet they have so much time to complain about problems coming their way.

    The solution is here and they won’t take it because they are too busy in complaining. The same happens in a couple. Both husband and wife are not mature enough. This is why there are so many divorces and children being ill treated. The lack of Awareness is there.

    So, is divorce the best solution?

    From my point of view, a couple should never go for divorce. It is their responsibility to see to it that they have to live a peaceful life together along with their children. And for that, they should first work on their understanding level. They have to increase that level of understanding between each other BUT both husband and wife must have their own space too. They must not live like in a prison. They must be aware of their every action.

    They have to work for increasing their Awareness level too so that they don’t commit the same mistakes again and then only, they will be able to live peacefully. Their home should be always a welcoming place. It must be a lighter place to relax. It should not be like a prison that one does not want to go back there at the end of the day after working hours. They have to take good care of their children and create in them a peaceful mind so that they grow up freely without any tension.

    Answer To The Next Question

    Someone who is already divorced is there a repercussion behind this?

    Will this create a big karma later?

    Yes, definitely because behind the divorce, there were so many things that happened such as fighting, anger, negative thoughts, violence, negative emotions like hatred, doubt, jealousy and so on. All these are created before the divorce happened. So, it’s obvious that whatever actions were there in the past, reactions too will be followed by that. It is bound to happen. There is no way out from that unless one corrects himself or herself by doing good in the present. This way, he or she will pay for the past actions but by correcting himself or herself, more wrong deeds won’t be there.

    People forget that whatever they are doing in the present, they will have to pay for it after that. It’s like whatever you give, you will reap the same or even more than that depending upon how intense your actions were. It also depends upon whom you were confronting with your negative actions. If the other person is of higher Awareness state, then you will have to bear with more intense reactions.

    So, every action depends on intensity. The intensity you send, you will bear more than that. This is why in order to stop suffering or being in wrong actions, it is a must for everyone to increase their Awareness level.


    Mrinalini Eroolen

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