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    supreme awarenessMrinalini Eroolen, the author and owner of this website, lives in Mauritius since birth. She had meditated intensely for ten years and went through many inner Realizations. She is actually living in an Awareness brim-full of Bliss and Cosmic Energy (Supreme Awareness State) permanently. The intense flow of Cosmic Energy is felt by her permanently more than her physical body. She is now greatly admired as a Healer and Awareness Guide.

    She had written more than 1500 articles online. Now, she is ranked among the best-selling author with her three previous books entitled ‘Inner Journey To PURE CONSCIOUSNESS‘, ‘All About Life: An Inner Journey To Live A Better Life‘ and ‘The Nature Of Women: The Secrets Of Truth Being Revealed‘. Her fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh books are entitled ‘A Parent’s Guide To Increase Awareness And Concentration In Kids: Easy Meditation Techniques From 7 to 11 years old‘, ‘The Mysteries About Life, Death And After Death‘, ‘How To Cleanse Your Aura Without Taking A Course In Reiki‘, ‘Marriage: The Bond Which Can Be Transformed Into Real Freedom‘, ‘The Key To Absolute Awareness‘ and ‘Flow Of Wisdom‘.

    Supreme Awareness Website is for true seekers on the path to Truth. Here, you will have the chance to be guided on Awareness. Get the guidance of Awareness as Blessings, Peace, Bliss and Prosperity.

    Awareness is very important for us all as it is only via IT that one can perform each and every activity perfectly with total concentration. You have to be aware of whatever you do in life so that you do not attract problems. So, as you can see, this website is a Blessing to you to increase your Awareness whenever you are. You will have the opportunity to know many mysterious things which you did not know before and that comes directly from within oneself.

    Most people are more happier when they gain something in life whether it is for their own inner growth or for their being successful in their material life. Know that without understanding yourself, you won’t be able to understand others.
    This is why I have brought to you here all my past experiences as a Meditator and also all the Realizations during the inner journey. These will help you in your inner search and also in your day-to-day activities. You will be able to be more peaceful, blissful and also live life as it must be.