Glossary - Upgrading Your Daily Lifestyle Glossary - Upgrading Your Daily Lifestyle
  • A

      Awareness is a State which you cannot see. It is a State which guides you in life. It has been in you since your existence but you haven't take notice of it because your thoughts have completely take the command. Once thoughts are absent, then you can feel Awareness presence.


      Anxiety is about the state of feeling insecure whether it is about your health, your career, your education or any life problems. You have many expectations in life. When you are finding that you are not getting things done as per your expectations, you get worried. In return, you create illnesses in you.

      Balance in life means you need to be with both inner transformations and inner realizations and then along implementing them in the outer life. While you are living, you have to live as per Awareness.

    • BREATH
      Breathing in and out is not just natural. There is a great process behind it and only when one is Awakened that all the mysteries of so many processes are known. 

    • CHOICE
      You have so many choices in life. To choose the right path, you need to be Aware. With Awareness, you don't have choices rather you act spontaneously.

      There are two ways to be Conscious. One is to be conscious about your physical body and the other one is the most important one which is Pure Consciousness. Pure Consciousness is to be aware of the whole existence and non-existence.

  • D

    • DESIRE
      The desire to have something is the creation of expectations which in return bring frustration, jealousy, hatred, anger and so many other emotions. If you are not getting what you desire, you go on creating these negative emotions which, in returns, affect both you and your environment.

      Discipline is not difficult if you know the Art of Acceptance. Discipline must be a spontaneous act. It consists of Awareness acceptance, and determination. You must be aware of what you are doing. Accept whatever comes in the present moment and increase your determination in what is good for you.

      Enlightenment is a State of Pure Consciousness, or Supreme of Awareness. It is the Bright Light which comes from the Biggest EYE Ever along with its Energy expansion. It is like the Sun but without any form. When one is Awakened, then it can be felt permanently.

    • FAITH
      Faith has more depth than trust. When you have faith in someone, whatever happens on the outer level doesn't concern you. Your faith either stays the same or becomes deeper.

      Real Freedom is only when you are totally empty from within. Empty from thoughts and emotions permanently. You are so light that you become the greatest light for everyone.

      Generosity is an art which is found in very few people. To be generous, it needs one to be ready to live for others. One has to feel great in giving.

  • H

      Happiness is what everyone is looking for but it is temporary. It cannot be permanent if the Ego is still present. If you work on yourself, then you can become blissful and peaceful permanently. In fact, Bliss is the highest state compared to happiness.



      Intention is what is behind your thoughts, actions and speech. It can be a bad or a good intention. The more your intention is good towards others, the greater your path will be easy.


      Jealousy is the one which can ruin your life. It is a negative emotion which arises when you are not accepting things in life. The problem is about possession. You want to possess people too as you possess things but it is not done. This is because each person is unique. You cannot possess another human being.

      There are two kinds of Knowledge. One is Bookish knowledge or Net Knowledge and the other one is Supreme Knowledge or Wisdom. Bookish Knowledge is what you learn from the outer world whereas Supreme Knowledge is what is there within you which you discover as you go more in depth within.

    • KARMA
      Karma is about the actions, thoughts and emotions you create. Whatever you create, you are responsible for it and thus you are the one who get the reactions too. If you do a wrong action, then a bitter action will come back to you but when you do a good action, then you reap the best one.