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    Deepak Thakwani

    Mr. Deepak Thakwani is a Spiritual Guide and also a Real Estate Professional staying in Navi Mumbai, India.

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    About Deepak

    Life is a miracle. Don’t let it slip away. Open your heart to others. Give of yourself each day. See the beauty in everyone regardless of where they have been. Some have a difficult journey and really need a friend. Share your gifts and talents. Listen with your heart. Do the things you dream about but don’t have time to start.

    I am a dreamer. My point of view is “If you can dream, then it is possible.” Other than that I’m optimistic, energetic, enthusiastic, charismatic, upbeat and full of fun. In the end, what really matters is how fully you have lived, how deeply you have loved and how well you have learnt to let go of things not meant for you.

    Some people spend their entire lives waiting for the storm and never enjoy the sunshine. I say live for the moment. I would rather do something and regret doing it rather than regretting of not doing it at all. For me, everything happens for a reason and though sometimes it is rough, it will be great later. Life is to live and learn. Your heart will break, it will heal, but scars will never disappear. Nothing can be forgotten or replaced. You just need to learn, and let go.

    My mantra in life is deep within, each and everyone have treasures of virtues and specialities that could be used. The more we are generous with these treasures and use them for others’ benefit, we find that they are available for us too. This ensures success in our life. In order to achieve constant success, I need to be in constant touch with my virtues and specialities. Each day, I work on one speciality or good quality that I have that can be put to use. The more I use my speciality, the more it will get strengthened and will be available for me even in the worst situation. Thus, I can move towards success.

    If you feel that you need Spiritual Guidance, then feel free to contact Mr. Deepak Thakwani on this email address:


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