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  • To Be A Life Coach

    To be a Life Coach is not an easy task. As to have good Academic Results, we have to learn a lot, same is here. We have to work on ourselves mostly both inner and outer. We started in working from the inner. Through the inner transformations and realizations, we have been able to have the capacity to deal with anything in the outer. This means that we can deal with any problem of life.

    The first thing that helped us is Meditation. We had practised a lot of Meditation Techniques for more than 10 years now which had helped us in how to deal with the problems in life. We had worked intensely on ourselves and the inner transformations and inner realizations in us have helped us a lot to live peacefully and blissfully. 

    There are many problems in life but these problems don't affect us. This is because we have come out as new beings, born with Awareness, Acceptance, Devotion, Gratitude, Deep Understanding and more. For us, problems don't exist. Problems can only exist if you create it but with Awareness, no problem exists because here you don't create it. With Awareness, one can only do what is right.

    We are here to give guidance as per Awareness. Helping people is our main mission. So, if you need our help don't hesitate to contact us. We will be very pleased to help you.