Meditation - Upgrading Your Daily Lifestyle Meditation - Upgrading Your Daily Lifestyle
  • What is Meditation?

    Many people think that it is something that is difficult to practice. Meditation is just a way to make you live a peaceful and blissful life. Meditation is only the way, not the destination. The destination is Supreme Awareness. You have to start with Meditation and end with Supreme Awareness or Pure Consciousness.

    In Meditation, you have many Meditation Techniques which when you practice the ones which you feel comfortable with, can trigger an opening for inner transformations and inner realizations. In Meditation, you have to go in depth within yourself. It is not easy at first to go into depth because the problem here is that your thoughts will not let you.

    There will be thoughts which will be coming when you sit down to meditate but here, you must be first patient and then create determination of being still.

    Why Meditation?

    Meditation is the only way for you to be in peace. There is no other way. Nowadays, everyone is stressed and to stay in this state this means to create more and more illnesses. Stress is killing people and the only way to come out of it is to be still and know yourself. This being still itself is the most difficult part but not impossible. With regularly practice, you will be able to be still and once that happen, then Supreme Knowledge starts to flow spontaneously. 

    The real power is not in the physical body. The real power is in Knowing, in Awakening.

  • About Meditation Instruction

    If you want to meditate, then know that the first thing you have to do is to find a peaceful place in your home where nobody will come to disturb you. This is very important because you are now going to experience Deep Silence and for that you have to start from Silence on the periphery level.

    Deep Silence is experienced when there are no thoughts, no emotions and you are not feeling your physical body too. It is just a State that you feel and you know you are into.

    You will also need to sit comfortably. Many people asked about what position one should be while sitting for meditation. Know that there is no specific sitting position for meditation. It all depends of what posture you feel the most comfortable with. You just have to sit comfortably so that you can sit for longer period of time. The more time you sit for meditation, the greater your inner evolution will be.