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    Here, you will find books which will be of great help to you. They are on different topics concerning Spiritual Awakening and Upgrading Your Daily Lifestyle. You will also find the Reviews of these books.

    Life puts everyone on tests each moment as per their inner growth. There are so many problems that you go on having but sometimes you don't know how to handle them. These books will help you on the same. You will be able to know yourself better and thus be more responsible in solving your problems instantly till no more problems come your way.

  • Enlightenment: The Journey To IT And After

  • This book is about the inner spiritual journey of MA MRINALINI EROOLEN and she has meditated on her own without any spiritual guidance. She was so fond of reading OSHO’S BOOKS and in these books she had found easy and simple meditation techniques. She was not scared of anything because she wanted to know all the mysteries of life and also of the universe. She was very stubborn as far as her spiritual path was concerned and no obstacles on her way could stop her from going deep within herself in order to know her true identity. She first focused on those energy pools such as the NAVEL CENTRE for sometime, then she moved to the HEART CENTRE and eventually to the THROAT CENTRE. After that to the THIRD EYE and there, she created her own new Meditation technique and finally, she reached THE CROWN Chakra. Her first realization was the NO THOUGHT STATE. Her Second Realization was the NO EMOTION STATE. Ma is an Enlightened Being and now she is helping all those who want to undertake this inner journey like hers. While reading this book, I have come to know how much effort, dedication, sacrifice, perseverance, patience, tolerance, no expectation and many others that MA had undergone to reach the State of Enlightenment. We are very grateful to MA.

    Rated: Simla

  • I am glad to read the ebook about Enlightenment of my own Spiritual Guide Ma Mrinalini and get in-depth understanding about it. Ma has given opportunity to seekers to know her spiritual journey experiences and realizations. She has also explained about her strong will and focus to reach the aim. Ma has mentioned in her book that even the challenges and responsibilities couldn’t stop her to reach the aim of Ultimate Supreme Awareness State. So, for seekers, it’s very helpful and a booster too to know that constant efforts and focussing is required to reach our aim even though we have materialistic responsibilities. I would suggest seekers to read this ebook and get their minds clear and focussed. There are many times we don’t recognize the changes or transformations happening but in this ebook it’s mentioned about the transformations and different states. There are many things to know in this path, so it’s as important to read this ebook along with practicing meditation. Thank you so much Ma for sharing your wonderful experiences and realizations which are giving us courage to keep walking towards the aim.

    Rating: Sonali

  • Why There Are So Few Enlightened Beings?

  • How To Use Your Inner Powers To Get The Best Results

  • This book is about all the inner mysteries that one has within oneself but are unaware of. But it is through intense meditation and experiences that many realizations happen. A human body is made of Cosmic Energy and it is through this book that we have been able to know which inner powers are hidden within us. They are very common words that we hear daily in our life but here in this book, I have found depth in these words which in return, will create a great impact in our inner spiritual journey till we reach our ultimate destination. These words are the real GEMS for our inner journey. They are AWARENESS, CONCENTRATION, MOTIVATION, OBSERVATION, DEEP UNDERSTANDING, DEDICATION, DETERMINATION AND SELF SATISFACTION. Each GEM is explained so clearly in the book.

    Rating: Simla

  • My Awareness Diary

  • My Experiences & Acquaintance With An Enlightened Being

  • How To Bring Awareness In Youngsters

  • How To Help People With Autism To Recover Gradually & Naturally

  • This book will be very helpful for people who are suffering from Autism. No need to take medical product but it can be cured naturally and gradually through meditation technique. Ma is an Enlightened Being and she has explained extremely well in her book why a person is suffering from autism problem and she can go to such an extent to examine the thought process and know what problem the person is experiencing innerly. She knows what has really caused the problem and this book gives the best treatment which is the best meditation technique for the person to come out of this problem.

    Rating: Simla

  • Why Are There Obstacles In Your Life?

  • The Nature & Process Of The Mind

  • This book gives in detail the function of the mind and explains so well how the mind is blocked due to positive and negative energy and finally, creates diseases as well. It also gives solutions how to create space in the mind, live a peaceful life and be stress free. It talks also about the true meaning of reincarnation that cannot be found in any other spiritual books apart MA MRINALINI EROOLEN ‘s BOOKS. Reincarnation means the birth with a pure mind, the power of the mind and dissolution of the ego which expands the space of the mind to unlimited.

    Rating: Simla

  • How To Relax Your Mind And Body From Stress – A Beginners Guide To Relaxation

  • This book explains so well what the true meaning of relaxation is. It tells us how to make our mind silent and eventually relaxation comes after a peaceful mind. It gives the meditation technique of how to relax body and mind. This technique should be practiced daily. This book also focuses on how to live in the present moment. If we are not living in the present moment and live either in the past or the future, this is a karmic debt.

    Rating: Simla

  • The Best Solution To All Your Problems

  • It is indeed a book that will bring so many changes in the life of a person. Problems come from our own creation. So, this book gives so many solutions how to come out of problems for example practice AWARENESS which is the main key to come out of thoughts, emotions and dissolve the ego.

    Rating: Simla

  • Flow Of Wisdom Quotes

  • The Importance Of Simplicity In Our Daily Life

  • How To Be Aware While Using Technology

  • How To Live A Balanced Lifestyle

  • The Spiritual Journey Of A Seeker

  • This is a unique book dedicated to all the kids. Kids are innocent and playful by nature and if you want to maintain these great qualities in them, you will have to help them in understanding themselves. They have to know about what is happening within them and only then, it will be easier for them to be aware in every step they take. The ages between 7 and 11 are very important as they are preparing themselves to leap into the Teenage Phase. As you know, the Teenage Phase is very difficult. This is the phase when everyone passes through very difficult situations because of the changes in their physical bodies. So, it is better to prepare these small angels during these years so they can live through their Teenage Phase smoothly.

  • As a parent, I strongly recommend this book. This is the best we can offer to our children. Right knowledge at the right time. All the more important, as it is written by an enlightened soul. These simple effective techniques will help child maintain awareness and build a good foundation. This knowledge, will help your child, to grow internally, thereby increasing his understanding and acceptance level. This is the right age to introduce children to meditations, and these are beautiful techniques, that will help them to connect with the cosmic force.

    Rating: Unknown

  • This book is a flow of Wisdom which comes directly from Pure Consciousness State. It relates many personal experiences and meditation techniques which are more easier to go deep within oneself. It helps one to live in the present moment and being thyself. You will know more about Cosmic Energy, Karma, Concepts, Realities in Life, Motherhood, Thoughts, Emotions and so on. You will certainly be transformed with these meditation techniques.

  • This is an excellent book by Mrinalini Eroolen - an author, energy healer and spiritual guide. She is a realized soul enlightened on 17 March 2010. This book entitled "Inner Journey to Pure Consciousness" takes one to an inner journey full of mysteries. It is all about the inner experiences which one becomes aware during deep meditation. Mysteries can be discovered to bring an inner transformation so as to be a peaceful and blissful being. The book beautifully explains about cosmic energy, meditation, karma, deep understanding, the concept of God and rituals, realities in life, borrowed knowledge and imagination, emotions, compassion, diversion of thoughts and emotions etc. It helps one to live in the present moment and being oneself. A must-read book by everyone. Another unique feature of the book is that all concepts are presented in very small sentences and paragraphs which help the reader in grasping the inherent knowledge very easily.

    Rating: C. P. Kumar

  • Straight from the heart....Its a great book by an enlightened soul..... You will feel the vibrations while reading it......Great Blessings will flow towards you... Do not miss this book, accept this grace in your life.... It is a must read for every seeker.... It gives a clear roadmap and how to go about.... Very Simple to follow, no confusion, removes your ignorance, clears misconceptions. You will no longer struggle and suffer from desires. This book will make you stop going round and round. Let the grace descend on you and make the most of her vibrations to incredibly speed up your awakening... The book will have a purifying effect on you..

    Rating: Unknown

  • I would recommend this book to anyone who is searching for their inner being. The author obviously has personal experience in this area and tells her story simply and honestly. She feels she has attained Pure Consciousness by this inner journey and mental examination and that, by following her advice, you can too. I'm not sure everyone would have such a productive journey, since it would largely depend on the integrity and seriousness of the seeker. But if you seek to understand yourself and your standing in the universe, this book can be extremely enlightening.

    Rating: Nancy

  • In this book, you are going to learn about how to cleanse your Aura without taking any course in Reiki. I am saying this because I myself had never taken any course in Reiki. I had heard about it but was never interested in it. I wanted to find its source on my own. So, despite this fact, I have been able to know about its mysteries via my own inner Experiences and Realizations. I wanted to be independent because I knew that we all have the capacity to take care of ourselves. So, why to consult another person for it and spend a lot of money? After meditating intensely for so many years, now I have the capacity to cleanse other people’s Auras wherever they are. If I can do it then it is not impossible for you too. It is very important for you to know how to do it properly so that you can be your own savior.

  • The book is short and straight to the point. I hope this stuff work and I will try what's in the book.

    Rating: Calv

  • Oh My God….. was my reaction, when reading this book…. Really… Is it possible to do it yourself? So simple, easy and powerful….. I am wondering why such simple process are strongly guarded and kept as secret. Everything is created by Cosmic Energy. What is most important, is that, you will learn to open the door, for Cosmic Energy, to flow in you. This is the greatest connection….blessings ….. that start flowing in your life….. Do read it…….your life is about to change…….

    Rating: Unknown

  • This book is a flow which is full of positive vibes and comes to you as guidance and blessings. There are many problems in life that people do not know what actions to take and sometimes they take the wrong decision of either killing themselves or others. This is due to unawareness on their part and they are ruined by their own negative thoughts. In this book, you will find solutions to all the problems in life which will be of great help to everyone. Life is beautiful and full of experiences. The most important thing here is how you deal with these experiences. This is what you are going to learn about in this book.

  • This is an excellent book by Mrinalini Eroolen - an author, energy healer and spiritual guide. She is a realized soul enlightened on 17 March 2010. This book entitled "All About Life" consists solutions to all problems that people normally go through in life. It helps to make oneself his/her own guide. The book beautifully explains various life issues pertaining to wisdom, happiness, physical body, being alone, pain, money, success, bad experiences, suicide, guilt, depression, love, relationship, sincerity, marriage, soul mates, to be a woman, mother, complaints, expectations, better life, inferiority complex, hurting words, panic state, bad luck, health, anger, fear of death, negative environment, jealously, sound sleep, stress, satisfaction, judging oneself, seeking attention, competition, working place, powers, awareness in daily life, meditation techniques, healing, point of views, gratitude etc. A must-read book by everyone. Another unique feature of the book is that all concepts are presented in very small sentences and paragraphs which help the reader in grasping the inherent knowledge very easily.

    Rating: C. P. Kumar

  • Good morning Ma.Thank for your for your guide and precious advice. This is a book which I recommend to all human beings to read. Most importantly it is good to share. Have a great day!

    Rating: Manoj

  • In this book, you are going to learn about how to make yourself become stronger and energetic. You are going to find that it is Awareness that can make your life easier and smoother. Yes, you have to be busy with your day-to-day activities because you are alive but you have to bring Awareness to everything you do. Let your Guide be Awareness not your thoughts and emotions. Change your way of being too involved in your own thoughts and give opportunity to what life can bring to you. Work for forgetting your past bad experiences and live your present in totality. This book is a guide and blessings too for you to be like I have mentioned above. Obviously, to be like that you will have to be regular in your practice. Take the opportunity to know yourself first. Do not judge neither yourself nor others. So, this book is like an everyday guide. Whenever you feel that you are going on the wrong track, just open this book and read the part where it can help in bringing you back on the right track.

  • This book is about the nature of women. I am going to share with you my own Experiences and Realizations as a woman. Many people assume that women are weaker compared to men, but what they do not realize is that both possess the same strength. The only reason why women are considered weak is because they do not flaunt their strength as men do. For example, a man exhibits his physical strength in many instances but a woman only shows her strength when giving birth to a baby. The source of strength is the same for both the woman and the man. As a result to which, the same amount of strength is dispersed to both of them, only that they do not make the full use of it when needed. Well, in this book I am going to share with you some of the experiences that a woman goes through in her life.

  • A Wonderful Book…… It will definitely help you understand yourself, if you are a women . Every man should also read this book. An eye opener. You will be surprised, Vow!!!!!!! Wonderful..…. Nature and its Creation…. This is a must must must read for Adolescent girls…… You will get a feeling of Ahh!!!!!……. wish I knew this…….and my life would have been different…… So read it…….and feel the difference…….

    Rating: Unknown

  • This book is about Life, Death and After Death. I am going to share with you my own Experiences and Realizations. Many people assume that there are Reincarnations but from my Realization, it is not the truth. The concept about Reincarnation has been followed as a tradition by many for so many years. The truth is that instead of searching the real Truth about it from within oneself, people prefer to accept it as being true just like that. It is because they do not want to waste time in knowing about these mysteries. They just want to hear them from someone else and follow them blindly. By following any concept blindly, you are wasting a lot of energy and time. This is not done. If you really want to know all the mysteries about Creation, then you will have to make effort for that. This will make you totally Aware and bring Supreme Knowledge to you. Then only you will understand better. In this book, I am going to share with you my own Realizations and Supreme Knowledge. It has taken me so many years of intense meditation to be in this State.

  • Go for it…….Believe me ……you will be shocked and surprised…. All of us…..want to know….. yes or no…….. Yes…..right…….so fast ……grab this book…….. Now ….its no longer a mystery…… It will take time to sink in…….read slowly and contemplate……. But do read it over and over, and each time, new knowledge will unfold in you… You will not regret buying this...........for sure.......

    Rating: Unknown

  • In this book, you are going to learn about how to make your marriage a stronger and beautiful one. A real marriage is a union between two persons who love each other deeply. It has to be deep because this is the foundation of a good working relationship. This depth itself will accept the other person along with his or her positive and negative qualities. The decision of marriage can be taken only when both have known each other at least 25%. It must be at least 25% because the 75% will be known after marriage. This is the hardest one. It is the hardest part of one’s life and at the same time, the most beautiful journey together. It is very important to consider what advantage a marriage can bring to one’s life. In fact, here you gain more than you lose. Many people consider marriage to be something which attracts many problems but they do not see its other side. The other side is the most important one because it helps in making you become mature. With marriage you learn many lessons of life. These experiences are very important because they are the ones which will make you a responsible person. You come to know about your positive and negative qualities. Here, you will try to work on yourself by erasing the negative qualities in you. Marriage is a great choice if you really want to know yourself better.

  • In this book, you are going to learn about the differences between Awareness and Absolute Awareness. All that has been written here are my own Realizations. You are used to the Awareness State. So, you must not stay in it only, you will have to move deeper within. You have to be in the State which is your true nature. You have to be in Absolute Awareness State. It is very important for you to know about the key to Absolute Awareness too. This key is very important as it will help in making you stay away from the sufferings which are caused by thoughts and emotions. This book also consists about the journey to Absolute Awareness and back to normal life. It is like climbing a mountain, reaching at the peak of the mountain, staying there for some time and then, descending from the mountaintop but in the opposite side. It will help those who really want to live a peaceful and blissful life.

  • A very knowledgeable book. No wonder it is very encouraging and helps anyone who really wants to improve oneself in both the spiritual and material life. Thxs a lot Ma for this wonderful book. It clears all my doubts as well.

    Rating: Simla