Our Teachers - Upgrading Your Daily Lifestyle Our Teachers - Upgrading Your Daily Lifestyle

    Our Life Coaches here are qualified enough to help you in solving your life problems. We have several Teachers who will deal with many life topics. They will be regular in their guidance. You will find their writings in the BLOG Section.

    Meet with them here.

  • Mrinalini Eroolen

    Mrinalini Eroolen is the Founder of this Website, Awareness Guide, Healer and Blogger. She had meditated intensely for more than 10 years. She went through many inner Realizations and now she is living in an Awareness brim-full of Bliss and Cosmic Energy.

    She started giving Meditation Courses since year 2010 after her first Inner Realization which is the absence of thoughts permanently and has continued on since then. After that so many Inner Realizations she had gone through and now she heals, cleans Auras and also transmit Cosmic Energy to those who wish a rapid inner transformation.  

  • Simla Hanoomanjee works as School Librarian in a State Secondary School in Mauritius. She started meditating since April 2012 under the guidance of her holiness Ma Mrinalini Eroolen. Her desire to meet a genuine Spiritual Guide had really come true till  that date.

    Since a long time back, she was searching and longing for a Spiritual Master. This is one of the greatest gift in her life. She asked herself what would she want more than that in life because there is nothing greater than MA in her life. Ma has really transformed her life completely.

    Many inner transformations had taken place within her, for example, fear, anger, uneasiness, lack of confidence, low self esteem had completely erased within her. With Ma's Blessings and wisdom, she had gone through an intensive inner transformation. Thoughts and emotions are very few now.

    She is very grateful and indebted to Ma and have full faith and confidence towards her. Now she can say, she is living this life in totality like she breathes the air freely, in complete freedom.

    She thanks Ma for her unconditional Love, Power Of words, Blessings, her Presence which have a great impact on humanity. 

  • Chandra Prakash Kumar

    Mr. C. P. Kumar is a Scientist working at National Institute of Hydrology (A Government of India Society under Ministry of Water Resources), Roorkee - 247667 (Uttarakhand), India. He is graduate in Civil Engineering and post-graduate in Hydraulic Engineering.

    Mr. Kumar is owner and moderator for few online spiritual groups. His favorite Books are The Power of Now (Eckhart Tolle), The Secret (Rhonda Bydre), Inner Journey to Pure Consciousness (Mrinalini Eroolen), Redefining Happiness (Swati Shiv), Yogini - Unfolding the Goddess Within (Yogini Shambhavi), The Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna.

    Mr. C. P. Kumar is also a Reiki Healer initiated by Nemrod Kedem (Reiki Master/Teacher) for the Usui Reiki method of natural healing during February 2015 and Kundalini Reiki during May 2015. If interested for Reiki healing in-person at Roorkee (beyond office hours, weekends and holidays only) or distant healing, he may be contacted with full name, current location and details of the concern.

    You are welcome to interact with him on technical and spiritual matters through his social network profiles:

    (1) Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/chandra.p.kumar
    (2) LinkedIn - http://in.linkedin.com/in/cpkumar
    (3) Twitter - http://twitter.com/cpkumar
    (4) Speaking Tree - http://www.speakingtree.in/chandra-prakash-kumar

  • Hi,

    My name is Leena Appulasami. I'm from a small island called Mauritius which is found in the Indian Ocean. It's nearly 7 years that I've chosen to sincerely take the path of Meditation. I am still learning under guidance of Ma Mrinalini Eroolen. Since then I have noticed many changes in myself first, then of my surroundings. I'm very happy that I've known MA. I feel blessed.